How close to the lake can I beach camp?
Lake levels can change rapidly due to Grand Coulee Dam operations. During summer, the lake can rise or fall by as much as 2 feet in a twenty four our period. People tent or boat camping on shorelines should manage their belongings accordingly. For lake level reports, visit or call (800) 824-4916.

Are there landslide dangers?
Landslides can and do occur around Lake Roosevelt. Staying clear of landslide areas is the best way to maintain public safety. Landslide areas tend to be around steep slopes of sand, gravel or clay. They can be activated by people carving letters or signs into exposed banks, or people exploring shoreline crevices and inlets surrounded by steep slopes.

Can I hunt and fish and what kind of license do I need?
See Fishing & Hunting page.

Can I operate my personal water craft?
Personal water craft (PWC) use is allowed within the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area except for the following conditions. PWC use is closed in National Park managed areas within the Kettle River (from its confluence with the lake upstream approximately seven miles). There is a no wake zone for PWCs (and all other boats) from the area adjacent to the Fort Spokane boat launch on the Spokane arm to just downstream of Two Rivers Marina (at the confluence). Also there are no wake zones 200 feet from marinas, campgrounds, picnic areas, swim beaches, and water skiers and other persons in the water.

Can I dig for or collect artifacts, or use metal detectors?
These activities are forbidden. Individuals found digging or collecting cultural artifacts can be prosecuted for committing a federal felony.

Can I have a fire on the beach?
Within the NPS recreation area, fires are only permitted from November 1 to May 1. Fires must be less than 3' in diameter and at least 10' from the nearest beach logs, structure or vegetation. With a tribal permit, fires are allowed on the reservation shorelines.

Why do I need to watch for floating logs, debris, shallows and submerged obstacles?
Water flowing into the lake can carry floating debris such as logs and branches that can damage props and boat hulls. Fluctuating water levels can also expose rocks and bars.

What should I do about sanitation when boat camping?
When boat camping, every camper must have a means of containing solid human waste with a portable sanitation device. Plastic bags are not acceptable. Please be sure to dispose of the waste at pump out facilities, and not in the toilets or garbage cans.